2009 Rating the Suburbs - Richfield Village

Mike Hargrove, 59
former Indians player and manager
- We moved out here from Strongsville, and I felt like I was moving away from everything. I thought,Good gosh, we’re going to be so far away. But we’re darn near close to everything, tell you the truth.
- If I’m going to spend the day in Richfield, I’d like to have the grandkids over on the deck. We’ve got a nice deck and a wooded area. It’s a good place to relax.
- For the most part, the friendliness of the people here has kept us here. We came here back in 1998 because it was quiet.

- I came from the Texas panhandle, where people are like that all the time. It makes me feel at home.

- People aren’t nosy. They don’t get in your business.

- People are respectful of your privacy, but they do it in a familial way.

 -Leaving? We never considered it when I got hired in Baltimore or Seattle. Sharon and I discussed it when I got let go by the Indians. My wife and I were both born and raised in Texas, so we discussed whether to go back. But the real separator in the decision was our kids had settled in this area, and they all lived within 15 minutes of Richfield. It was settled.

- The other thing is, this is our home. No matter where you go, even if it’s where you were born, you don’t know if you’ll have this sense of community and this sense of what home is as I would here in Richfield. Why risk it? We love it here.

- My favorite place to eat is the Taverne at Richfield. Just about everything they have on the menu is good.

- Wait. I said the Taverne, didn’t I? Scratch that. It’s Whitey’s. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. I’m there all the time. The owner of the place is a real good friend of mine. It’s always a good time, and they have incredible burgers.

- I had a guy ask me after the ’97 World Series how long it took me to get over it. I told him I’d call him when it happened. I didn’t take his phone number.

- As close as we were, wow.

- We felt good where we were in the game and having that lead going into the ninth and a closer that saved a lot of ballgames. And it just didn’t happen. You gotta dance with who brought you here.

- Overall, I have a sense of accomplishment. After 40 years of never getting in the postseason, we got to the World Series twice.

- People from out of town, when I say I live in Richfield, they say, “Oh that’s where the Coliseum used to be.” But they’re the only ones who talk about it. I drive by the old Coliseum, and it looks like it was never there.

- I feel like less of a celebrity here. People judge you on who you are more than what you’ve done.

- I’ve got a real good friend of mine who has seats on the third base line. He says they’re the best in the house.

- Sure, I’ve been back for some games, but I haven’t sat in the stands. I’m not sure if I sat in the stands I’d get to watch any of the game. I sit up in the press box. That’s a pretty good spot.
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