Help! My son's Little League coach keeps flirting with me.

What’s wrong with a little harmless flirting? A lot if it’s with your son or daughter’s coach, says Jack J. Lesyk, director of the Ohio Center for Sport Psychology in Beachwood. “Even though it might not go anywhere, it becomes a slippery slope,” he says. “You’re there for your child and any kind of unusual relationship with a coach is going to complicate the relationship with the child.”

And the older and more competitive your child gets, the more harmful flirting can become. “Your children are getting serious about their sports and are competing for playing time and the coach’s attention,” he says. “It could put that child at an unfair advantage or disadvantage with the other kids.”

If the flirtation is unwelcome, Lesyk suggests ignoring it. If that doesn’t work, something needs to be said. “Talk one-on-one with the person for a brief moment just to say you’re uncomfortable,” he says.

What if you are the one with the hots for the coach? “Don’t go there,” Lesyk says. “Or just wait until the season is over.”
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