Rating the Suburbs - Chagrin Falls

Kurt Hebel, 54
Owner of Chuck’s Fine Wines
You can tell a community by its wine store.

Chuck Sindelar
had Chuck’s Beverage somewhere else in Chagrin Falls and moved it to this store in 1947. I have been “Chuck” for coming up on seven years now. The way I look at myself is the fourth generation of Chuck, even though there is no bloodline.

My store
is an option. This is not a necessity — it’s a luxury in life. There can be some great expense lavished upon that luxury. The community requests, demands, seeks out and can afford luxury commodities. This store reflects that. I call it “the fertile Chagrin Valley.”

I don’t think
the Chagrin Valley is that transient. There are multiple generations here. I think there’s a little more stability out east. Families tend to stay.

There’s plenty
of parking. I’ve never seen anybody towed. I’ve never seen anybody not find somewhere to park, even during the busiest times and holidays.

If Chagrin Falls
were a wine, it would be a red wine. It would be California Cabernet Sauvignon. It would be of great quality, not necessarily great expense. Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

Things take care
of themselves. Any town, any mall, any community is faced with changing dynamics. There was a bakery that was in town — they went out, and eventually one will return. There might be temporary shortcomings, but the dynamics change and fill the needs.

Those that have
a slight or greater understanding of Chagrin Falls perceive it as a great community, upstanding, safe, forward-thinking but on a well thought-out note. Others that don’t know us think we’re a little carriage trade and a little snooty.

I’ve got
no reason to leave town. The other merchants have what I am looking for. As long as we recognize community needs we’ll have community customers.
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