Rating the Suburbs - Cleveland Heights

Isabel Trautwein, 40
Cleveland Orchestra violinist
I have a 10-minute commute to Severance Hall. I can walk to most things I need. I can walk to the movies, to restaurants. It takes me back to my childhood, a much more walkable life.

I tutor at the elementary school right down the street. The program is trying to put as many tutors as possible into each Cleveland Heights elementary school to help those kids not fall through the cracks early. With a little bit of time each week, private one-on-one time, the kids can learn so much.

I love that when I walk down my street, I get stopped by five people that I know well, and I know their kids.

Right here in Cleveland Heights we have Heights Arts, a regional arts organization. I’m on the board of directors. We have two galleries: One is right beside the Cedar Lee Theatre; the other is at the library. We hold art classes for kids and for adults. In fact, I made a silk scarf there a few days ago in a class for adults.

So much of our devoted orchestra-following lives right in the Heights. The people I see at the shops and restaurants I frequent here are the same people we see at Severance.

The first thing people think of are high taxes, and I have to say I don’t enjoy receiving my tax bill so much. But if it’s affording what we have, then it’s OK with me, I guess.

People think of Cleveland Heights as a very artsy community and, most of all, an integrated community. My street is an example of integration. We have people of all nationalities coming out to our July Fourth block party, all ages, at least four generations.

It’s a place where wackiness is welcome.

What’s missing in Cleveland Heights? I honestly can’t think of a single thing! Oh, a dog park. A dog park would be great.
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