Rating the Suburbs - Condord Township

Arlene Toivonen, 68
former president of the Concord Garden Study Club
We were looking for a home after our children were done with college. We found a beautiful wooded lot and built the home of our dreams.

I love the rolling hills in the woods, and we’re minutes away from Lake Erie. We’re boaters, so that was an important thing.

In the summer, two to three times a week. We’re sailboaters, so it’s important that we can get there quickly and easily, so we can take advantage.

I grow orchids. I’m not always good at it, but I always love it. There’s a place named Borland Orchids. It’s close by and you can go in and ask questions and have your orchids repotted if you so choose.

We keep hearing rumors about a post office coming here, but I think they’re all rumors. Our ZIP code is Painesville. We don’t have our own ZIP code, so we don’t have our own post office, so we don’t have our own identity.

I think one of the reasons people move here from a surrounding area is for the semirural feeling. We’re not looking for all the city amenities —a few would be nice.

If Concord were a flower it would probably be Queen Anne’s lace. It’s beautiful, and it’s rugged in some ways. It grows where people wouldn’t think to look.

There isn’t a lot of commercial development. That’s going to be changing. You can see the hospital being built across the street [from the Concord Community Center], which will be opening in September. As you turn off of Route 44, you see in the southeast corner there’s a new spot of upscale stores. There’s a very nice restaurant over there called John Palmer’s Bistro 44. There aren’t a whole lot of restaurants in Concord, so it’s nice to be around the highways.

At the top of Little Mountain, which is about a mile and half away, you can see Lake Erie. I know it’s the highest point in Lake County — it might be the highest point in Northeast Ohio.

I love hostas. So do the deer, though, unfortunately. I was working out in the yard yesterday and a few of my hostas have been nibbled down to the ground.
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