Rating the Suburbs - Macedonia

Kathy Thomas, 61
President of Longwood Manor Historical Society
Where I was living before there was all flat land. Here there’s hills. I just love that, and all the trees around the houses.

There’s a house
in Longwood Park that belonged to the first mayor of Macedonia, Mayor William Frew Long, and he willed all of his farm property, 300-plus acres, to the city.

As a matter of fact,
he is known as the oldest mayor in the United States. He was 96 years old during his third term. He died at 103.

I’ve heard
that it’s haunted. I thought it was a bunch of hooey.

my husband and I got in touch with the Ohio Ghost Hunter’s Society. They didn’t catch anything on camera, but they let me listen to some of their tapes.

There were voices.
They heard music playing up on the second floor. They heard somebody say, “Help me, Mary,” and there was a Mary who used to live in the house.

At Longwood Park
there’s a lake back there — it’s very peaceful. There are pavilions that you can use and do barbecues. And back by the lake, usually in July or August, they have a fishing tournament. The kids would fish and get a prize for the biggest fish they caught.

When we
first moved in, there were no houses next door, no houses across the street. We were the second house on the street.

Macedonia is expanding
. It used to be all farmland. It’s changed big time since we’ve moved in. A lot of houses have gone up.

Route 8
was awful before; the flow of traffic wasn’t very good. Now they made it a different exit and it’s much improved. They’re saying it’s going to be done ahead of time. They’ve been working on that for some time.
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