Rating the Suburbs - Middleburg Heights

Michael Romito,44
Letter carrier
The city keeps the streets very clean in the winter. It really helps us make deliveries.

My dad has a garden in the backyard. He gives a lot of produce to our neighbors. And we have one, an older lady, we plow her sidewalk. The city plows her drive because she’s a senior citizen and she has a handicap ramp, but we plow her sidewalk.

I moved here with my parents in 1979 when I was going into junior high.

That’s when I knew I wanted to be a carrier. At career day, they asked you what kind of job you wanted to have when you graduated. I said mail carrier. They all asked me, “Why would you say that?” I just wanted to be outdoors. I guess I achieved my goal.

Three-hundred-ninety-six stops.

Customers always drive by and bop their horns. They always give me this little smile. ... I don’t know what it means, but they always do it.

Some days I have cats follow me; dogs follow me.

A lot of dogs are afraid of uniforms.

On the parkway, you can Rollerblade, mountain bike, run. I like to go past different landmarks. There’s a nice little place called Isaac Lake — there’s a lot of geese that are there. And there’s a pretty nice rec center. My dad really likes it because it has a bocce court.

I run on the bike path. I don’t do them much anymore, because I’m getting up there in years, but I’ve run 20 marathons.

You have to have a four-year degree to be a police officer in Middleburg Heights. It’s not like that everywhere.

At first, when my parents moved to Indian Creek development here, there were a lot of families with young kids, but they’re all grown up now.

We’ve only had one mayor from what I can remember: Gary Starr.

St. Bartholomew
— it’s a nice church. Our main church in Middleburg Heights. Sometimes after Mass they have a pancake breakfast.

See that parking lot next door? That business has been closed for a few years. In the spring, there are always geese nesting in there. Sometimes I do my loops in there, running. Last year they’d try to come after me and honk, but now they
know me, so they leave me alone.
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