Rating the Suburbs - North Olmsted

Mitzi Waring, 72
owner of Mitzi and Ed Waring Dance Co. at Springvale Ballroom
I think when you tell people you live in North Olmsted, they all know where it is because of the mall. They never ask, “Where is it?”

But what
they don’t know is we have a recreation center here with a gigantic swimming pool, and I think people also forget we have green space here, too. There is part of the Metroparks in the city down in Bradley Woods with great walking paths.

Ed and I
came here 30 years ago for business but didn’t start the dance company at Springvale Ballroom until 20 years ago.

The homes
were all new when we moved, and we thought North Olmsted was a good place to have a house. Being so close to Interstate 480, we could travel in any direction easily and not have to go through little side streets to get there.

There are
no movie theaters in North Olmsted. The nearest one is in Crocker Park. There was once one in the mall, but I’d like to have something like that back here.

I especially love
the floor, because it’s a wood floor. It’s a floating floor. You could dance for hours and never feel it.

It is
the most beautiful place of all the places we’ve taught. It was built in 1923 and is one of the last surviving ballrooms.

If people
come to Springvale, they can play golf during the day and dance at night. How many places offer that?

The music
relaxes people, and you have fun and forget everything. People have too much stress today. Business people, doctors and students all come to forget their worries for a while.

The waltz.
It’s just stepping on every beat.

We never miss
the North Olmsted Homecoming Festivalat the community park. It’s a festival more for families, with rides and bands, skits and a parade in August. There’s plenty of food. The whole town comes.
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