Rating the Suburbs - Seven Hills

Julian Stanczak, 80
Perceptual abstractionist
We practically built this house —that was about ’65, ’66. It was at the beginning of the community. I found the house, and I thought,That’s perfect.

You can see the ceiling is high, so I would pick up the painting, this would be an 8-, 10-foot painting, and turn it around up in the air. I can’t ask my wife continuously to move my paintings, because then she would divorce me, and then what? I’d have to start looking all over again.

I was born in Poland. Not Poland, Ohio. Poland, Poland.

This is the epitome of typical America. It’s a cross section. If you want to see America, this is where it is. The nationality mixture is wonderful. There are Hungarians, Greeks, Germans, Italians, and it’s the people who desire to upgrade themselves and try to send their children to the universities.

We children and two grandchildren here. They’re on the refrigerator.

I became a painter because I am concerned about my fellow man. I’m trying to find out who you are.

You try to solve mysteries about yourself. You have secrets burning inside of you, nothing seems to fill it up. Then, you listen to good music, you see something beautiful, and it tickles your soul. You want to share it with somebody else, and you don’t even have words to describe it. So it becomes almost spiritual, almost religiouslike, and it became very important to me.

The city? Protect it from negativism. You are younger, you have more energy; I don’t. The city is a good city, but it has to be endlessly reminded and revealed to those who don’t believe it.

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