Rating the Suburbs - Warrensville Heights

R.A. Vernon, 37
Founder and senior pastor at “The Word” Church
We were in Maple Heights and we renovated an old theater there. We put over a million dollars in it and outgrew it in 18 months. We came here one day to use Cleveland Multiplex for a New Year’s Eve service and saw how magnanimous it was and said, “Hey, maybe so.”

We try to
make everything centralized. If it were up to me, we’d have a supermarket or dry cleaners in here too. There is a vision I have called “Word City.”

You can’t have
a DVD ministry with an 8-track mentality

Preaching’s been
a passion of mine since I can remember. The same with LeBron wanting to play basketball as a baby, that’s what I’ve wanted to do.

The Midnight Rumble
is a night where we call all the men in the city here. We heard from one of the police officers the night of the Midnight Rumble that there was virtually no crime in our city. We thought that was amazing.

I think [Mayor]
Marcia Fudge did a great job when she was here of remodeling and redoing it. Now that she’s gone, I think she left a legacy to be followed.

Unless you
live here, you don’t know.
I am here pretty much every day riding through. I think the people are beautiful and respectful. It’s awesome to be here.

We partner
with the school system. We bought the baseball uniforms for the high school. We bought the cheerleading uniforms for the middle school. We’ve told them whenever you need something, just call us.

I love
the different ethnicities. You walk through here and see hundreds of beautiful Caucasians, blacks and Latinos all mixing.

The biggest reason
for being on TV that most people don’t know: It’s the prisons. We come on in all the prisons in Northeastern Ohio, because they don’t have cable.
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