The Truth is you've seen your neighbor naked

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Here are a few close encounters of the unclad kind shared by Northeast Ohioans (names have been changed to protect the shocked).

>The full Bainbridge. Dave, who lives in Bainbridge Township, recalls jogging through his neighborhood, where the houses are about 30 feet from the curb. “I looked up and there was my neighbor in full view through the window with the lights on, so that anybody who went by, whether driving or on foot, could easily see her.” Dave hasn’t let the encounter affect his relationship with his neighbor. “But I have felt like I have a big secret.”

>Naked lunch. Louise from Painesville was home one summer day packing for a trip when she caught her next-door-neighbor taking a lunchtime dip in his pool. “He likes to swim sans clothes, because when I looked out my bedroom window I saw two perfectly tanned butt cheeks staring back at me. He still doesn’t know I saw him, but if he did, I have a feeling it wouldn’t bother him.”

>Funny you should notice. As she pulled up the shades on her windows to prepare to wash them, Kate from Elyria saw her neighbor “naked as a jaybird, having a good old morning stretch. He was totally unaware that I saw him, and when I did, I fell right down to the floor and was actually [rolling on the floor laughing]. But quietly.”

5.9% of people have been in a situation where they’ve seen their neighbor naked.
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