Best Of Cleveland 2008

We all know Cleveland rocks. To prove it, we ran two themed races, sampled Asian pastries, climbed Rhodes Tower, donned Hawaiian shirts, nibbled ice cream made out of wine and even found a place to shoot an arrow at 3:30 a.m. Then, we asked you to pick 55 of your favorite people and places.
By Heide Aungst, Chuck Bowen, Jennifer Bowen, Steve Gleydura, Adam Griffiths, Anne Hartman, Jennifer Keirn, Katie Kuehn, Amber Matheson, Colleen Mytnick, Andy Netzel, Emily Ouzts, Samantha Pirc, Kim Schneider, Beth Stallings, Erick Trickey, Jim Vickers & Amanda Wilcosky.

Editors’ Picks - click on each of the picks to read more about them

24-Hour Archery
$1 Burger
Antique Shop
Artificial Wilderness
Asian Bakery
Bar Revival 
Back to School Shopping
Bookstore Section
Cheap Culture
Chocolate Cake
Classy Twist on Carnival Food
Cult Acting Troupe
Do-It-Yourself Art
Downtown View
French Fries
Green Furnishings
Guitar Hero Night
Hangover Cure
Historic Cookie
Hot Dog Toppings
Ice Cream Treat
Late-Night Vintage
Line Dancing
Live Karaoke
Lobster Roll
Local Band
Old-School Evening
Parking-Lot Ribs
Pet Sitter
Place to go Barefoot
Professionals Group
Reading Spot
Rebounding Neighborhood
Retro-Futurist Art
Root Beer
Secret Bar
Show of Pride
Southern Cooking
Special Menu
Sushi Roll
Summer Lunch Spot
Tropical Kitsch
Wing Sauces 
Workout Substitute

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