The Best of Cleveland - Cult Acting Troupe

As the clock ticks toward midnight, anxious fans outside the Cedar Lee Theatre start to get rowdy — not just for the start of TheRocky Horror Picture Show, but also forSimply His Servants’ interpretation of the cult-classic movie. As Cleveland’s only regular, year-round Rocky Horrorcast, the group has been perfecting its performances for 14 years now. These creatures of the night are dedicated fans-turned-performers who happily don costumes, makeup and handmade props to act out the movie live in the theater as the film plays behind them. This close-knit bunch dances around in fishnets and corsets (yes, even the men) not for money (they don’t get paid), but simply because they love the movie. You can check them out the first Saturday of each month when they perform in front of often sold-out crowds of 330. “There is a lot to take in at our show,” says Kevin J. Boycik, one of the group’s founding members. “You can go 20 times and still see something different.”
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