The Best of Cleveland - Pet Sitter

Going out of town for the weekend can be a great stress reliever. But for dog owners, there’s always a little bit of anxiety. You don’t want to regularly dump your pet on family and friends, because they’ll eventually stop taking your phone calls. You could board your dog at a kennel, but that option tends to go one of two ways: a place where your pet will come back with fleas or one that’ll charge for belly rubs. The solution? Try the Mutt Hutt: It’s not no-frills, it’s all the right frills. This doggie day care and boarding house has trained “pack leaders” who work with the dogs all day and stay with them at night. There are no cages. But there’s nothing ridiculous like private rooms with televisions, either. Your pooch will leave exhausted and better behaved.2603 Scranton Road, Cleveland; (216) 621-6888;
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