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Bryant and Stratton College

Who says television isn’t good for today’s youth?

Like it or not, hit TV shows such as “CSI,” “Law and Order,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Scrubs” have prompted a surge in interest in the criminal justice and health care fields.

And Bryant and Stratton College has responded with two new majors — criminal justice and nursing — to help turn these fantasies of working in an exciting field into a reality.

With input from the college’s advisory board, the college initiated the new degree programs in response to today’s job market and the needs of the community, says Jim Ploskonka, Ph.D., market director for Ohio campuses of Bryant and Stratton.

Taught by experienced working faculty, the criminal justice and nursing programs will offer the latest software and training. The registered nurse program, offered exclusively at the Willoughby Hills campus, will graduate students with an associate’s degree. The criminal justice program, available at all three campuses (Willoughby Hills, Parma and Downtown), will graduate students interested in working for law enforcement, correctional facilities, juvenile agencies, private security, other human service agencies or the Transportation Security Administration, which screens passengers and baggage at the nation’s airports.

In response to growing community needs, Bryant and Stratton has also begun to offer a bachelor’s degree in business administration at all campuses.

Likewise, it has added online options to the traditional on-site course offerings. Students may earn an accredited online associate’s degree in less than two years in accounting, business or information technology.

And to make it easier for prospective students to earn their degrees, Bryant and Stratton has several financial-aid packages available. “We offer numerous scholarships through the institution itself, through outside agencies and through federal funding,” says Ploskonka. “All are based on the individual’s qualifications.”

Obviously the college has been doing something right. For the past 150 years, it has been helping students develop career skills. In fact, a Bryant and Stratton education has helped 90 percent of its graduates find placement within their chosen fields. And, unlike other colleges, placement after graduation means placement for life. “This is personal education for lifetime success,” he explains. “We not only offer free placement for the rest of the student’s life, but we also offer free repeat programs.”

What does that mean for graduates? Students may remain current in their chosen fields by taking courses to learn a new software program or skill, a concept that is virtually unheard of with any other college or university.

Consider, too, the col-lege’s commitment to lifelong learning. Students graduating with an associate’s degree may ultimately earn a bachelor’s degree, while any student may attend Bryant and Stratton’s Professional Skills Center (PSC) offering courses in leadership, teamwork, sales performance and more. Special certification and licensing courses are also available through PSC that meet the requirements of associations and regulatory agencies in a range of industries from business and technology to health care and financial services.

Its Career Services Group (CSG) is available to meet placement and staffing needs. Working with students, alumni and PSC training clients, the CSG matches openings with qualified applicants. It also conducts Career Fair Forums, internship programs and offers direct placement support at no charge.

Bryant and Stratton offers 15 degree programs that integrate cutting-edge skills with real-world experience.— MO

Bryant and Stratton has responded to community needs with its new nursing program in Willoughby Hills and criminal justice program at all three campuses, including downtown.

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