Dominic Nardella

(aka “Nard”)
Radio 92.3 | Program Director
favorite ...

• Spot in the Cleveland Metroparks: The bike trails: I spend around 20 hours a week riding them. They’re well maintained and safe. They’re usable all seasons. Even when it snows 2 feet, they are plowed clear.

• Zoo attraction: The aquarium. I find fish very relaxing. And I am quite envious of their lives, except when they get turned into sandwiches.

• Ride at Cedar Point: The Maverick roller coaster. I love when you shoot out of the tunnel. I’ll go for anything except the ride that spins in circles and holds you to the wall with centrifugal force. I had a bad experience when I was a kid.

• Picnic food: Hot dogs and iced tea — quick and readily available.

• Annual summer event: The Cleveland Air Show. If I didn’t work in radio, I’d want to be a pilot.

• Place you’ll find me this summer: The Metroparks bike trails or the Towpath. A typical route for me is from the trailhead in Valley View to Peninsula and back.

summer playlist ...
“Summer Nights,” Van Halen;“Doin’ Time,” Sublime;“Higher Ground,” Red Hot Chili Peppers;“Sabotage,” Beastie Boys;“Innocent,” Our Lady Peace

summer in the city is ...

An adventure. Once the sun breaks out, Cleveland takes on a new life. There is so much to discover in the summer that gets tucked away in the cold months.
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