The worlds best roller coasters are an hour away

From the brand-new Maverick to old favorites such as the Gemini and the Wildcat, Cedar Point is a paradisefor the roller coaster nut. We asked Brandon Driscoll,Great Lakes region representative for American Coaster Enthusiasts, to share his list of Sandusky favorites.The wait from this point is less than one minute."
Blue Streak
"I'm a big wooden rollercoaster fan. I love the classics," Driscoll says of the park's oldestcoaster, which wasbuilt in 1964. "I feel incomplete if I don't rideit." He credits good airtime(when you comeout of your seat), theclassic design and oldsmell and feeling formaking the Blue Streakhis personal favorite."You always come offsmiling."
Millennium Force
"The first drop is probably one of my favorites" it's so steep and so long." He notes that many people are scared of the 310-foot drop and the ride's maximum speed of 93 mph, but says if you can get over the initial fear, it'sa nice, long and really smooth ride.
Magnum XL-200
"I remember when thiswas my No. 2," he saysof the roller coaster that opened in 1989 and reaches speeds of 72mph. "It provides a nice long ride." Another perkis the vast view of Lake Erie and the turning diveon the second hill after the first 205-foot drop."The drawback is it'snot as smooth as MillenniumForce," Driscollsays. "But some peoplelike to feel a ride more."

Top Thrill Dragster
Driscoll says this 2003 coaster makes his list because of "sheer size and speed" - it stands 410 feet tall and reaches speeds of 120 mph. "It'svery smooth, though thetake off is intense," hesays. "The acceleration is incredible. I'vebeen on so many rollercoasters I've kind of become immune to them. But with the Top Thrill Dragster you can't help but get butterflies."The world's best roller coasters are an hour away.

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Sure, a last-minute track replacementmay have bucked it off itsopening schedule, but, at press time, Cedar Point's newest roller coaster, Maverick, was set to be ready for cowboys and cowgirls to saddle up this month. Here's a look at the newestthrill ride being offered out West (westernOhio, that is).

Cost to build (in dollars)

Length of track (in feet)

Number of riders per hour theride can accommodate

Length of the ride's tunnel feature(in feet)

The ride's vertical drop (in feet)

Angle of first drop (in degrees)

Speed of second launch(in miles per hour)

Size of the ride site (in acres)

Length of ride (in minutes)
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