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Favorite summer concert memory:
“My favorite summer concert is still to come.”

Favorite summer place: Cahoon

Memorial Park
, just east of Huntington Beach, Bay Village. “I literally stumbled upon it. It overlooks the lake — you can hear everything, see everything. But it’s secluded and private. It’s a cool, quiet little place to sit and ponder life.”

Summer drink: Raspberry iced tea with lots of ice and no straw. “You can put an eye out with those things.”

First summer job: Cleaning out basements after a flood in Minot, N.D.

Favorite outdoor dining spot:
the deck at Viva Barcelona in Westlake.

Summer soundtrack: “American Woman,” the Guess Who; “Ball of Confusion,” the Temptations; “Radar Love,” Golden Earring; “War,” Edwin Starr; “You’re the One,” the Vogues.
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