Wish You Were Here

July 26 |Time Warner Cable Amphitheater
Stop pining away for a Pink Floyd reunion. Even if famously absent Floyd frontman Roger Waters decided to call a truce with his former bandmates and charge us all $150 a ticket for a colossal stadium tour, we’re still not sure the venerable rock icons would be much more impressive than what Wish You Were Here has been pulling off for the past decade at a fraction of the price — vibrant re-creations of the Floyd live show.

This summer the band arrives here with a special performance of “The Wall,” Pink Floyd’s 1979 double-album tribute to isolation. (“Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone!” ... Yeah, that rock radio staple. You know it.) Aside from the spot-on musicianship, Wish You Were Here’s performance of “The Wall” offers a visual feast that takes the production far beyond the realm of mere concert. It includes video projection, costumed characters and, yes, one enormous white brick wall that slowly builds between the band and the audience over the course of the evening.

To call it ambitious is an understatement. But Wish You Were Here bassist and vocalist Eroc Sosinski and his eight-piece ensemble has raised the concept of a tribute band to an art form. Having only performed “The Wall” nine times in four cities, buying a ticket guarantees you’re in for something special.
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