50 Years of Janus Films

Sept. 6-Oct. 28 | Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque
If your familiarity with film is more “Wedding Crashers” than world cinema, you could probably use the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque’s tribute to classics from around the globe (don’t worry, all foreign films have English subtitles). Jean Cocteau’s “Beauty and the Beast” (1946), Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” (1957) and “Wild Strawberries” (1957), Masaki Kobayashi’s “Kwaidan” (1964) and Victor Sjöström’s ”Körkarlen” (1921), also known as “Phantom Chariot,” are just some of the 18 titles on the Cinematheque’s schedule. “You can view it as World Cinema 101, although you’re not going to get college credit for it,” jokes Cinematheque director John Ewing. The best part? Janus Films, the distribution company that originally brought the films to the United States, produced new prints of these classics to celebrate its 50th anniversary, meaning rookie and veteran film buffs alike can enjoy crisp copies.
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