Cleveland Institute of Art

Cleveland Institute of Art
Sept. 7-Oct. 27 | From Here to Infinity/
The Big Bang
Celebrating the contributions CIA has made to the fields of art and design since its founding in 1882

The EDGE Art Gallery
Sept. 15-Oct. 6 | Annual Northern Ohio
Illustrators Society Exhibition
An annual show that includes painting, drawing, watercolors and mixed media from some of Northeast Ohio’s best illustrators

Summit Artspace Gallery
Oct. 5-Nov. 3 | Akronography Photo Show
 A collection of images taken in and around
the Greater Akron area

Headfooters Outsiders Art Gallery
Nov. 3-Dec. 30 | Inner Navigations by
Alexander Huber
Thirty-seven new pieces that range from six-inch square works on paper to 5 foot by 7 foot wall-sized canvases

Imagine harnessing nature’s most powerful force — the sun — within a single building. Sounds impossible, but it’s exactly the sort of thing at which the New Weather Group excels. The New York-based art collective is helping Cleveland architectural firm studioTECHNE mark its move to The Sculpture Center building on East 123rd Street with its Lights of Cleveland installation.

The four-member New Weather Group will strategically place 1,001 mirrors across the city to produce a large-scale art piece that will collect and direct sunlight throughout studioTECHNE’s offices and gallery space. The goal is to emphasize the impact of the sun, especially in an agriculturally dependent, but atmospherically unpredictable area such as the Midwest.

“I’m hoping it gives people a reason to participate in a piece of art,” says studioTECHNE’s Marc Ciccarelli. In the weeks leading up to the big reveal, special announcements will be printed on small glass mirrors and sent to a select group of Clevelanders as a way to raise awareness about the project. Everyone is welcome to attend the installation’s public unveiling.
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