Image Conscious

Working as an architect, John Bonebrake had a natural fascination with buildings. After joining the Cleveland Print Club in 1961, the Clevelander began to purchase artwork knowing he would one day donate the more than 1,000 prints to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Of those pieces, 58 will be on display during the exhibit A Passion for Prints: The John Bonebrake Donation opening Oct. 2. "[Bonebrake] collected with the museum in mind," says Jane Glaubinger, exhibit curator. For example, the museum had few works by French artist Henri Rivière. Bonebrake acquired 67 of his prints, including Thirty-Six Views of the Eiffel Tower: From Behind Frémiet's Elk, Trocadero (pictured). Eleven Rivière prints will be a part of the exhibit, which is geared toward showing Bonebrake's legacy and generosity. "He would advise people to buy what they like but, most importantly, to have fun," says Glaubinger. "Collecting really enriched his life." 11150 East Blvd., Cleveland, 888-262-0033,

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