Markus Pierson's A Sentinel Mentality

Dec. 15-Jan. 30 | Contessa Gallery

For Markus Pierson, the coyote is a metaphor for his struggles, victories and emotions. It has become an allegory for his own survival. Pierson was just a poor bookkeeper battling Crohn’s disease when he woke up in the hospital after a near-fatal bout of the illness. Inspired by his second chance, Pierson became an artist and created his now-renowned Coyote Series.

In December, two of Pierson’s newest, life-size works will be unveiled at Contessa Gallery’s A Sentinel Mentality. “The Great Nuvolari,” a statue named for the Italian motorcyclist, is painted and covered in everyday objects, and “Posh,” Pierson’s ode to travel, features a coyote couple aboard a colorful suitcase. Pierson’s art has been displayed worldwide, including Missouri’s prestigious Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, but his pieces also have mainstream appeal, making them sought-after by art collectors.

Steve Hartman, owner of Contessa Gallery, says Pierson’s talents are unmatched by any contemporary artist. Known for his ability to paint and sculpt, Pierson also pens complex and insightful stories to accompany his work. “I’ve never seen an artist touch so many different people in so many different ways like this.”
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