Inside Joker

For Amy Schumer, honesty is always the best policy — especially when it comes to sex. The comedian's confessional approach resonates with audiences who often find themselves laughing and cringing at the same time. "I understand it's more palatable for a guy to talk about sex, but I feel like I need to be myself and not apologize for it," says the 32-year-old from her home in New York City. Her popular Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer returns April 1 and her Back Door Tour stops at the State Theatre Feb. 15. We catch up with one of comedy's hottest stars.

ON CONTROVERSY » I made a joke at the Charlie Sheen [Comedy Central] roast about Ryan Dunn of Jackass dying in a car accident. I said we all wished it had been Steve-O. People didn't react that strongly in the room when I told it, and it wasn't my goal to make headlines. [Once it aired,] people were really, really pissed. I got death threats. I don't go out and try to offend anyone. I'm not out for blood. ... I want everyone to laugh.

ON HER TV SHOW » This season was very relaxed. We'll have Paul Giamatti, Parker Posey and Zach Braff. A lot of the takes were ruined because the cameramen were shaking from laughter.

ON HER WORST DATE » I met a cute baggage handler at the airport, and he seemed like a really cool guy. He slipped his email into my suitcase. We went out and he was like the worst — a total nightmare.

ON HER NEW MOVIE » It's called Trainwreck, about a girl who's not living a traditional life and the struggles that come with that. Judd Apatow is directing it this summer. I keep waiting to hear that I've been replaced by Jessica Biel.

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