Stealth Stage

Q. Why the name Theater Ninjas?

A. A lot of what we do is adapting to different environments. [It's] not just the space that we're in, but the change in environment of Cleveland's cultural scene. As a small nomadic outfit, we can afford to take risks.

Q. How do you incorporate the location into a performance?

A. Our upcoming show, Marble Cities, is in the Ohio City Masonic Temple. How you navigate through the building is part of it. It's got ornate carvings and secret symbols carved into every door handle, and some doors have a peephole. It's a very secret society. We really thrive moving into a space that isn't your normal idea of a theater and transforming it into a theatrical environment.

Q. What else can we expect from Marble Cities?

A. It's a play about power. Multiple people are brought together to fulfill the ritual thinking they will be inducted in a secret society, like the Masons or Skull and Bones. What they realize is that it's something stranger and far greater than that. It's about the ability of having a vision about what the world could be and realizing that vision.

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