(good eats) Sugarcoated

Ohio City: We’re used to having waffles for breakfast and the occasional “brinner” (breakfast at dinner), but on a stroll through the West Side Market, we stumbled upon Crêpes de Luxe and stopped for an afternoon snack. Just as if we were on a European vacation, there were plenty of piping-hot, street-style crepes made to eat on the go. What caught our eyes, though, were the Liege waffles — known as the Belgian sugar waffle. Though similar to the Belgian waffles we Americans are accustomed to eating, it’s smaller (but still plenty to fill you up), sweeter (the secret is adding sugar to the dough so that it caramelizes on top) and denser (while it’s still fluffy like a waffle, it has the consistency of a soft pretzel). Eat it with powdered sugar or add fresh fruits and toppings such as Nutella, peanut butter or chocolate sauce for a sugar-packed snack. The West Side Market, 1979 W. 25th St., Stand C-2, (216) 241-2479, crepesdeluxe.com
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