City Guide 2014: Dining

Sweet Treats

Coquette Patisserie → The Uptown neighborhood bakery is known for its macarons ($1.25 each), which come in fun flavors such as Bellini, framboise, strawberry, cocoa noir and blue cheese bacon. Each is filled with mouthwatering ganache or buttercream reinforced with European butter. 11607 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 216-570-7193,

Sweet Melissa → Even at nearly half a foot tall and three layers deep, a slice of this restaurant's red velvet cake ($5) shouldn't be shared. It's made with a Dutch-processed cocoa powder for a deeper chocolate flavor and topped with cream cheese frosting for a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. 19337 Detroit Road, Rocky River, 440-333-6357,

Simply Delicious Pies → Of the more than 30 pies here, the summer seasonal strawberry-rhubarb pie ($12 for an 8-inch pie) stands out. It mixes fresh strawberries and rhubarb, a little cornstarch and a sprinkling of sugar to deliver sweet and tart flavors. 3433 Lee Road, Shaker Heights, 216-273-3566,

Confectionary Cupboard → The chocolate caramel-pretzel cupcake ($2.60) is the star of this Mentor spot's large lineup. Rolled in pretzel stick pieces, it's drizzled with house-made chocolate ganache and caramel before being topped with not-too-sweet vanilla bean buttercream. 7300 Center St., Mentor, 440-205-5300,

Jack Frost Donuts → Since 1937, this store has concocted more than 130 varieties of deep-fried delights. Try the Fruit Loop doughnut ($9.45 per dozen), made with decadent white cream icing and its namesake cereal. It's the dream dessert of every kid — big and small. 4960 Pearl Road, Cleveland, 216-351-3638

Decked Out

The Greenhouse Tavern → Get a bird's-eye view of one of downtown's busiest streets from this rooftop patio. 2038 E. Fourth St., Cleveland, 216-443-0511,

L'Albatros Brasserie and Bar → The patio shares the indoor restaurant's grandeur, with the same tables, chairs and red brick flooring. 11401 Bellflower Road, Cleveland, 216-791-7880,

Pickle Bill's Lobster House → Throwing back a few beers on this purple barge topped with a striped circus tent is a treasured activity for locals. 101 River St., Grand River, 800-352-6343,

Felice Urban Cafe → This garage patio has a rustic feel with wooden beams. Distressed found-art objects decorate a fence. 12502 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, 216-791-0918,

Stone Mad Pub → Every surface on this expansive patio is made from sandstone, giving the restaurant's name tangible meaning. 1306 W. 65th St., Cleveland, 216-281-6500

Patty Cake

Nano Brew → Spicy, sweet, crunchy and creamy collide in the Acid Trip burger ($9). A chipotle-seasoned patty, along with creamy coleslaw, tart pickled onions, balsamic reduction, Ohio cheddar cheese and spicy mayo will give you vertigo at first bite. 1859 W. 25th St., Cleveland, 216-862-6631,

Treehugger's Cafe → For a twist on a meatless option, try the Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger ($13.95). The baked patty, sprinkled with cinnamon and curry, gets topped with alfalfa sprouts and spicy honey mustard. 1330 W. Bagley Road, Berea, 440-973-4277,

Burgers 2 Beer → The Luther Burger ($9.99) tosses out the standard hamburger bun for a grilled Krispy Kreme doughnut and layers on crisp bacon and American cheese. 6323 Wilson Mills Road, Highland Heights, 440-446-1234,

Lago → It may be expensive, but the Gandolfini ($56) — made from a patty formed with sirloin, brisket and ground chuck — is one decadent sandwich. The hunks of fried lobster, foie gras mousse, Taleggio and arugula dressed in truffle oil make it worth the price. 1091 W. 10th St., Cleveland, 216-862-8065,

Buckeye Beer Engine → The Chicken Chorizo Burger ($9.50) is proof that beef doesn't get to have all the fun. Avocado, pepper jack cheese and tomato add an extra kick. 15315 Madison Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-2337,

Veg Out

  1    Canal Corners Farm and Market / Buy peppers, potatoes, eggplant, edamame and kale here — or stop by for live barn theater. Sat 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Sun 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 7243 Canal Road, Valley View, 216-624-3916,

  2    Greenfield Berry Farm / Visitors can pick their own blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on 8 acres during season-specific hours throughout the year. Hours available upon request. 2485 Major Road, Peninsula, 330-657-2924,

  3    Brunty Farms / Owners collect, wash and pack more than 400 dozen eggs a week on the 17-acre farm, which also sells meat such as pork and lamb. Tue-Sat 9 a.m.-8 p.m. 2470 Martin Road, Akron, 330-594-7315,

  4    Neitenbach Farms / Cure a common cold or headache with this farm's medicinal herbs, including tinctures of echinacea and holy basil. Hours available upon request. 3077 Akron Peninsula Road, Akron, 330-321-9026,

  5    Sarah's Vineyard / Find eight kinds of grapes and eight wines, all served on tap at this 15-acre vineyard. Wed and Thu 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri and Sat 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Sun 1-8 p.m. 1204 W. Steels Corners Road, Cuyahoga Falls, 330-929-8057,

More Pour

Troubadour Coffee Roasters → A rotating menu of four to eight coffees are offered sans sugar and cream. 22370 Lorain Road, Fairview Park, 216-370-3262,

Phoenix Coffee Co. → With seating for at least 50, bring a friend to try the single-origin brews, 2287 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights, 216-932-8227,

Pour Cleveland → Its many coffees come from farmers that use ecologically responsible methods. 530 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 216-479-0395

Rising Star Coffee Roasters → Lighter roasts warm up this renovated firehouse. 1455 W. 29th St., Cleveland, 216-273-3573,

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