Creative Comforts

Akron: As soon as you read the words “gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches” followed by “served with a side of homemade coleslaw and cheddar Goldfish crackers,” you know what the Lockview is all about.

It’s a neighborhood pub that serves up inexpensive comfort food favorites such as a heaping basket of tater tots with ranch dipping sauce ($4), a basket of sweet potato fries topped with cinnamon sugar ($5), and homemade chips and salsa ($3.50). Not convinced yet? The only dessert on the menu is Pop-Tarts topped with a raspberry-hazelnut drizzle ($3).

This is certainly grown-up kids’ food.

Speaking of grown-ups, the Lockview has an impressive beer list that stretches toward the 100-bottle mark and includes a nice selection of options served on draft. It also has a friendly, knowledgeable staff that can rattle off suggestions based on what you like.

By comparison, the Lockview’s food menu is relatively small and includes four salads and a half-dozen signature sandwiches (all $6-$7). But the real draw is the gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, numbered one through nine.

Unlike Lakewood’s popular Melt Bar & Grilled, which serves up heaping cheese melts, the Lockview’s creations are more what you remember coming off your mom’s stove: square and buttery. The only difference is you’ve never had goat cheese mixed with diced portobello and caramelized onions (No. 5, $7) or cheddar cheese with grilled apples and bacon (No. 6, $6). Our favorite was the No. 7: smoked Gouda, fresh tomato and basil on cheddar cheese sourdough bread ($7).

The sandwiches are filling, though you can always add an order of french fries for $1.50. Still, the standard sides of coleslaw and that pile of orange fish crackers are enough to send you home smiling. 207 S. Main St., Akron, (330) 252-5128,

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