Drain Freeze

You could go to Elm Farm Dairy and get your usual scoop of mint chocolate chip. Maybe you’ll splurge and get some hot fudge or even some cherries.

But if you want to live — and I mean truly live — you’ll order the whole kitchen sink. Literally, a kitchen sink full of ice cream (that’s 21 scoops for those counting at home), whipped cream and anything else your heart desires.

Carl Abell came up with the idea after seeing a similar creation at an ice cream shop in Florida in the mid-1980s. He and his wife, Sherry, operate Medina County’s Elm Farm Dairy and its accompanying ice cream and dairy museum, which grew out of the dairy farm Carl’s father founded in the 1930s.

These days, the dairy makes 50 to 60 flavors of its own ice cream at peak season. So you can have 21 different kinds of ice cream piled into your kitchen-sink sundae or 21 scoops of raspberry ripple, if that’s what you’re into. Sherry says the dairy sells about 10 of the sundaes each season, usually to birthday parties or tour groups.

And though the dairy museum has no official hall of fame for those who can eat an entire sinkful of ice cream by themselves, Sherry says she’ll make room for your hot-fudge-covered mug among all the antique dairy advertisements if you can power through the sundae by yourself. “We’ll put you up there for sure,” she says.

If you’re in the mood for a real adventure this summer, look no further than Elm Farm Dairy’s 21-scoop sundae, which has everything and the kitchen sink. Bring some friends. The sundae has 21 scoops of ice cream, an entire can of whipped cream and all manner of nuts, sprinkles, cherries and hot fudge. Plus, if it’s your birthday, the dairy will cover the bottom of the sink in brownies. That’s right, brownies.This sundae is made with scoops of strawberry, black raspberry with chocolate chips, cow tracks, vanilla, two kinds of chocolate, cookies and cream, blue moon (which tastes like cotton candy) and red raspberry ripple.Carl literally cleaned up the idea after seeing a version of the kitchen-sink sundae at a Florida ice cream shop — the Florida parlor’s creation had a working trap attached to the sink. The one on Elm Farm Dairy’s sundae is welded shut at the drain. “I don’t think [the idea] was patented,” Carl says. “And I hope it ain’t.”The sundae might set you back a bit. With a price tag of $49, you really have to want it. But do you know anyone else who has ever sunk a spoon into an entire kitchen sink full of ice cream?Visit Elm Farm Dairy for National Ice Cream Day, July 20.
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