Fat Tuesday Treats

Decorated in purple, green and gold, the king cake offers good luck to whoever finds the small plastic baby placed inside. Didn't get the surprise in your slice? No worries. It's still a tasty treat for all. GET IT HERE: Dick's Bakery, 70 Front St., Berea, 440-234-1192

We may be jealous that Louisiana has an official state doughnut, but we love indulging in beignets, especially when the deep-fried delights come with powdered sugar. GET IT HERE: Colozza's Bakery, 5880 Ridge Road, Parma, 440-885-0453

A Polish specialty typically filled with jelly, paczkis were created as a way to use up ingredients not allowed to be consumed during the 40 days of Lent. GET IT HERE: Samosky's Home Bakery, 6379 Pearl Road, Parma Heights, 440-845-3377

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