Fish Fries - St. Charles of Borromeo Church

(Editor’s note: As fish fries are often a family outing, we thought it fitting to get a youngin’s perspective. We asked 11-year-old Patrick Gleydura to give his critique.)

I’m a really big fan of fish fries, not just because I’m Catholic, but because I really like fish. I also like to be around people who talk and just have fun.

Last year, I went to a fish fry at St. Charles of Borromeo Church in Parma. It was kind of weird that we went there for the fish fry on Friday, because the next day, I went there again for a basketball game.

I liked the fish fry because the fish was very moist and not all breading like at some places.

If you didn’t want fish, there were a lot of other choices. My meal came with pierogi and french fries. I liked the potatoes in the pierogi. The fries were crispy. At the end, they came around with desserts, but I didn’t take any because I was too full. The only thing I didn’t like was that the packets of lemon juice they gave me were too sweet. I like lemon juice a little more sour.

Another thing I liked about the St. Charles fish fry was that the gym where it was held was big, so there was a lot of space. Kids in the After Care program made nice fish decorations that were hanging on all the walls. I plan to go there this year if my parents will take me.

By the way: We won the game. 7107 Wilber Ave., Parma, (440) 886-5546;; Fridays during Lent, 4 to 7 p.m., $5 to $7
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