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Market is a new kind of sports bar, says chef Rob Geul, of the Rocky River spot designed as a contemporary, memorabilia-free space to grab a craft beer and watch the game. "And the food is an upscale version of that without scaring anybody. It's simple food," says Geul, whose 11-year Cleveland kitchen tenure includes Fahrenheit and Parallax.

What's your cooking style?

I'm a family man. I don't need to go out for $50 dinners. I look for a great hamburger and french fries. Those are the meals I remember more than a fancy meal. That's the style I cook, too. You will recognize everything on the menu. It's food that everyone's comfortable with, but it's done in an outstanding manner.

What is one such dish?

My house-made baked beans. It's not just opening a can of baked beans. They have seven ingredients. If you go to a hoity-toity, white tablecloth, five-star restaurant, the guy can complicate baked beans. You don't have to put truffles in everything.

How does the food fit the atmosphere?

Inside, there's an awning or two that remind you of being outside, like in a market. It's got two gorgeous patios with a brick fireplace. We're a new style: There are no football jerseys on the wall. We've got 13 TVs to watch the game. It's something we're missing in the city — that great place to hang out without having to go to your local chain sports place.

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