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« The Number 31 ... $7

La Bodega - It's not fair to call this a chicken salad sandwich. With Cajun spices, corn, black beans and hot peppers barely held together by a grilled wrap, it doesn't even matter if you like chicken salad. You'll love this sandwich. It has enough spice to satisfy a craving but won't overwhelm those with sensitive palates. Info To Go » With an expansive assortment of sandwiches, subs and salads and ample vegetarian options, La Bodega isn't misnamed. When it started out eight years ago, it was just that: a tiny corner store that served much more than sandwiches. But they sold so many sandwiches, they ditched the dry goods and added seating.

Pick Up » 869 Jefferson Ave., ClevelandOhio, 216-621-7075, labodega-tremont.com

The Hot Grumsteer ... $6

Some roast beef sandwiches are too dry, but you'll never have that problem with this one, made with juicy slices of top round, a tangy and rich horseradish sauce, and provolone cheese melted on top. Info To Go » Grum's Sub Shoppe offers more than a dozen colorfully named hot and cold subs, such as the veggie-packed Gamooza Grum, salads and a French bread pizza. The place is named after original owner David Grumbach. Iline MacLellan bought the place and the recipes from him in late 2005. The Grum's spices — herbs that go on most of the subs — are a closely guarded trade secret, but MacLellan confirms the mix includes oregano.

Pick Up » 1776 Coventry Road, Cleveland HeightsOhio, 216-321-4781

Courtyard Salad ... $9.49

Takeout salads can be a crapshoot, but the Courtyard Café always avoids the pitfall of limp or soggy greens. Its namesake Courtyard Salad piles turkey, ham, provolone, hard-boiled egg, mushrooms and red onions over always-crispy iceberg lettuce. You also have a choice of 10 house-made dressings. "There are no preservatives or stabilizers in any of these dressings ... just like you'd make at home," says owner Bob Bailey, adding that salads are one of his best-selling takeout options. Info To Go » Salads here come with either a warm, softball-size loaf of French bread or a huge muffin of the day. Both are great, but choose the muffin (which almost always runs out before close), and save it for tomorrow's breakfast.

Pick Up » 7600 Chippewa Road, BrecksvilleOhio, 440-526-9292, courtyardbrecksville.com

Mesquite Red Bean and Rice Soup ... $2.25

This vegan soup at Souper Market is anything but light. Eating more like a stew, there's a different taste in each spoonful with big hunks of carrots, bell peppers, onion, kidney beans and red beans that won't all fit on the spoon at the same time. Info To Go » At least 10 other soups, all made from scratch, change each week. "If customers request a certain soup or certain type of soup, we listen to that. But we like to experiment, too," says sous chef Brandon Doles.

Pick Up » 7501 Carnegie Ave., ClevelandOhio, 216-361-1355, thesoupermarket.com

The Falafel Salad ... $4.95

A flood of dressing can drown a good salad, but the Lebanese salata base (greens, diced veggies and parsley) tossed generously in Sittoo's lemon dressing has all the refreshing flavor without feeling weighed down. And with three nicely spiced falafel patties on top, it's a satisfying, light meal. Info To Go » Aladdin's Eatery owners Fady and Sally Chamoun opened Sittoo's in 2007 as an authentic Lebanese spot without Americanized dishes. From typical starters such as baba ghanoush to salad and pita sandwiches to entrees of spiced and marinated meats, it's all Middle Eastern flavors here. The Chamouns sold Sittoo's, meaning "grandma," to friends more than a year ago, but co-owner Grace Shahin says you'll still see pictures of Sally's sittoo and taste her recipes, including meat marinades and hummus from the Middle East.

Pick Up » 5870 Ridge Road, ParmaOhio, 440-885-2525, mysittoos.com
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