Presidential Seal of Approval

As a swing state, Ohio gets quite a bit of love from our presidents. Couple that with our city’s hearty, ethnic, everyman eateries, and you’ve got the makings of a photo op featuring the most powerful men in the world chowing on food that would make their personal physicians wince.

Bill Clinton [January 1995]
Sokolowski’s University Inn
What he ate •
Perch, pierogi and kielbasa. “He had quite a feast,” recalls kitchen manager Michael Sokolowski.
Yeah, you guessed it • “This was obviously before his open-heart surgery,” adds Sokolowski.
Making himself at home • President Clinton hung out at the restaurant for almost two hours. “It ended up being publicity we could never pay for otherwise,” Sokolowski says.

George W. Bush [July 2007]
Slyman’s Restaurant

What he ate • A regular corned beef sandwhich on rye, fries and potato salad.
Presidential quirk • Bush brought his own glass to use at lunch.
The call • A representative for President Bush notified the restaurant just 40 minutes before the motorcade arrived. “I had no time to prepare,” says co-owner Freddie Slyman. “It was a wild experience.”
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