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Review: Wine Bar Rocky River
In 1944, songwriter Frank Loesser penned the oft-heard tune “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” the most popular version of which was performed by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer. It’s the story of a man trying to convince a reticent young woman to spend the night at his pad because, well, it’s cold outside.

As you sit reading this article, possibly ensconced in a comfy chair by the fire, I’m sure that you may also be contemplating a number of reasons why it’s just too cold to venture out. But as a fellow Clevelander, I know that it is only a matter of time before a combination of excess holiday joviality and cabin fever sets in and, wind and snow notwithstanding, you will warm to the idea of looking at something besides the four familiar walls of your home.

When this mood strikes you, set down this magazine (my editor wishes me to state here that you should pick it up again later), grab your best guy or gal, bundle up, and head to Wine Bar Rocky River.

Located just off of Detroit Road in Rocky River, Wine Bar has the warmth and cool coziness that, along with copious amounts of the fortifying beverage implied in the name, will help chase away winter blues.

Opened in September 2007, Wine Bar is the latest offering from the fine folks who operate Fahrenheit, South Side, Blind Pig and Dive Bar. The group has been successful, and the reason is as simple as following the old maxim: Find a need and fill it. Oh yeah, and serve booze. Partner John Owen and his comrades have proved their savvy when it comes to identifying what consumers want and then making it available, reasonably priced, suitably hip and close to where we live and work.

Carved out of the old Treats Pizza space, Wine Bar manages to be comfortable and inviting without feeling as if you’re in Grandma’s favorite tearoom. A fireplace and lots of oenophile-friendly décor can be found in the dining room, but it’s the welcoming atmosphere of the bar that begs for patronage.

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