Steve's Lunch

Established 1953
5004 Lorain Ave., Cleveland
(216) 961-1460
Nine tattered, vinyl stools line the yellow Formica counter that’s topped with chrome napkin dispensers, tabletop jukeboxes and strewn newspapers. The only thing on the menu more than $5 is the pork chops. Steve’s Lunch is open 24 hours a day, every day but Christmas, and offers everything from breakfast to $1.50 hot dogs to a lineup of sandwiches named after the police officers who frequent the place. At 3 a.m. (after a night of partying), the place oozes charm, and nothing’s ever tasted better. But even in the light of day, the place is a tribute to quick, cheap, fried foods. It’s never too early or too late, the door is never locked, and you can get a bellyful for $2.

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