Brandt Evans

Blue Canyon kitchen & Tavern
Chef Brandt Evans, a big bear of a guy, creates food in his own bold and brassy style.The trick, he says, is to blend tastes that marry rather than those that conflict and take each other over.

His Blue Canyon kitchen is known for all-American food kicked up a notch. He turns on the heat in sloppy joes, glazes a cedar-planked salmon in root beer and pairs chicken with an apple-bacon risotto.

Evans learned many of his twists on American favorites during his stint as a sous chef at Charlie Palmer’s New York City bistro-style restaurant, Alva. It opened Evans’ eyes and led him to create his own whimsical style based in traditional, powerhouse flavors such as vinegars, sherry, house-made stocks, mustards and everything in the onion family.

He points to the pretzel-crusted trout, a dish that harnesses a variety of flavors and textures. The trout is encased in pretzel crumbs and served in a whole-grain mustard and caper butter sauce. The crunch of the crust meets the soft flesh of the trout: a perfect marriage of opposites.
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