Kitchen Makeovers

It may not be new cabinets or replacing countertops, but local chefs are remodeling their menus with bold, unexpected flavors. From the popularity of house-cured charcuterie and delicious vegan dishes to brothers-in-law who are bringing creative cuisine back to the suburbs, here's a primer on how the city's best restaurants are redesigning the culinary scene.

Trends We Love

Culinary cocktails, charcuterie boards, vegan and upscale comfort food

Kitchen Aid

Chefs offer tips on dining out.

First Course

Meet the pair behind our best new restaurant and three other stellar chefs.

Neighborhood Watch

Here's a refresher on how these dining destinations came to be.

Best of the Best

We mine this year's winners for the best burgers, pizza and small plates.

Ingredient List

What chefs are using in their restaurants now

Chef Talk

Local chefs and restaurateurs tell us what they think about this city's dining scene.

Cooking Might

We whip up the ultimate cooking commander with traits from local chefs.

Winner's Circle

Check out this year's Silver Spoon Award winners.

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