Best Doctor - Dr. Saxton

Dr. Jerrold P. Saxton
Radiation oncology, head and neck
Cleveland Clinic
What he does:
He treats cancers, primarily of the head and neck, with radiation that can be done as definitive management or in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Do Clevelanders have any unique unhealthy habits?
“In a place where temperatures are cold, you have inactivity, and exposure to pollution in a highly industrialized area. We see certain tumors that seem to be clustered in certain geographical locations. Epidemiologists always investigate to see if there is a source.”

Why medicine?
“I like the science of it, and I like people. I like things I can see, feel and touch.”

What’s the biggest malady in your field?
“Most head and neck injuries are associated with drinking and smoking. Those are certainly factors we can directly impact.”

What is the one thing you do to stay healthy?
Stay active: walking, fishing, biking. “I like to take the grandkids fishing on Lake Erie. I’ve caught some very nice walleye.”

Worst health habit:
Drinking too much pop. “It used to be Pepsi, until I decided I didn’t want the caffeine, and now I do ginger ale.”

Listen to your docs:
“I always get my annual exam — including a colonoscopy, which isn’t fun. But it can prevent lots of problems.”

Has anyone ever given you an apple? Did it keep you away?
“Various fruit, but none of it kept me away.”

Med school paid off?
“Fortunately, I’ve been in practice long enough to do that.”
What’s the longest you’ve waited in a waiting room?
“I’ve only been to the emergency room once — I almost severed a finger on a power saw after attempting to do home carpentry — and I waited for almost two and a half hours.”
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