Best Doctors - Dr. Victoroff

Dr. Brian N. Victoroff
Orthopaedic surgery
University Hospitals Case Medical Center
What he does:
Victoroff cares for the shoulders and knees of Clevelanders as an orthopaedic surgeon and head of UH’s shoulder section. Victoroff leads the way in caring for aging baby boomers with degenerative shoulder conditions, young athletes with traumatic shoulder injuries and everyone in between. He’s served as team physician to the U.S. National Speedskating Team and has treated top skaters such as Olympian Apolo Ohno.

Why orthopaedic surgery?
“I like to fix stuff. Plus the musculoskeletal anatomy is just so cool.”

His best health advice:
“Don’t get overweight. It’s so obviously the cause of degenerative destruction of knee cartilage. The toll it takes on the body is heartbreaking.”

Worst health habit:
“I’ll work out like crazy for six months, then stop for six months. And then there’s that chocolate problem.”

Do Clevelanders have any unique unhealthy habits?
“Aside from cheering for the Browns each year? We eat like typical Midwesterners. All that comfort food adds up after a while.”

Have you ever been 1 of 5 to recommend something?
“I’m probably one of the five doctors in my family to recommend that my kids not go into medicine.”

Fruit cup or Snickers?
“Snickers, obviously, many Snickers.”
His exercise regimen:
Speedskating. “I had to give up soccer and tennis after blowing out both knees. I wasn’t able to do anything, including running, until I discovered speed-skating."
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