Best Doctors 2010: How To Know Where to Go

You’re not feeling the greatest. Is it just flu, or is it something more serious? Should you go to the emergency room, an Urgicare or wait to see your physician? Dr. Charles L. Emerman, chairperson of the department of emergency medicine at MetroHealth Medical Center, shares what to do when you’re feeling under the weather. — Kim Schneider

Evaluate your symptoms. Chest pain, trouble breathing, loss of motor function and loss of vision are red flags. “If it affects your ability to function, seek medical attention immediately,” Emerman says.

Think ahead. “If you have something that will require more than a simple test, you will need to go to the ER,” Emerman says.

Call a hot line. “Most major hospitals have a nurse advice line,” Emerman says. Patients can call and discuss their symptoms to help formulate the best plan of action.

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