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Stern is out, Roth is in and Rover is heading to Chicago. We offer a guide to the morning mounts who can make that daily dose of gridlock a bit more bearable.

It’s a snow-choked arctic tundra out there. OK, maybe the weather’s not that forbidding, but it can feel like it this time of year. And when you’re on that frozen morning drive, it’s nice to have some company. As syndicated favorite Howard Stern leaves the Cleveland radio market in favor of satellite, here’s a look at the a.m. personalities on your FM dial.

The Brian and Joe Radio Show
On the Dial: WMVX Mix 106.5

Overview: Listening to Brian Fowler and Joe Cronauer is like hanging out with your two older brothers. While they constantly rip on each other, it’s obvious they’d always have each other’s back in, say, a street fight. Their longevity on our morning airwaves — 18 years now — shows their listeners feel the same loyalty to them.

Tuning In: Brian and Joe ask for holiday shopping horror stories in exchange for the chance to win Gwen Stefani tickets, try to shed pounds along with their listeners and deliver a solid stream of morning tunes ranging from Billy Joel to Sugar Ray. www.wmvx.com

Lanigan and Malone
On the Dial: WMJI Majic 105.7

Overview: John Lanigan and Jimmy Malone are the voices of local morning radio. Consistently the top-rated show in the city, Lanigan is not someone to tangle with, having done verbal battle with local morning jock Gary Dee in the ’70s and a syndicated Howard Stern in the ’90s. His straight talk is distinctly Cleveland and he’s beloved for it.

Tuning In: Whether ripping the author of “Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things” about his ideas or ribbing Plain Dealer food critic and show guest John Long for taking time off from writing because of a leg injury, Lanigan and Malone hold court like no one in the city. www.laniganandmalone.com

Wilde and Fee in the Morning
On the Dial: WQAL Q104 (104.1)

Overview: Rebecca Wilde and Allan Fee serve up guilty pleasure pop culture bits and celebrity interviews among a steady stream of pop music.

Tuning In: Wilde and Fee get rocker Jon Bon Jovi to declare Paris Hilton a “Pam Anderson without boobs” and leaned on “Desperate Housewives” hunk James Denton to expound on any Emmy-night cattiness (he says there wasn’t any) in rapid-fire interviews. www.q104.com


WMMS Mornings with Sean, Cristi and Hunter
On the Dial: WMMS 100.7

Overview: A testosterone-packed morning of radio, the trio of Sean, Cristi and Hunter has revived “The Buzzard’s” reputation for a strong drive-time morning show that reaches beyond classic rockers to the generation who has no idea who or what Kid Leo is.

Tuning In: Sean and Hunter trumpet their snapshot with Gina Austin in the January 2006 issue of Penthouse magazine as if they’ve been named Time’s “Man of the Year.” www.wmms.com

David Lee Roth
On the Dial: WNCX 98.5

(beginning Jan. 3)

Overview: Though he commanded arenas at the helm of Van Halen, no one knows what to expect when Roth slides behind a radio microphone. His quirky, amped-up persona seems a fitting way for the city’s classic rock station to kick off the workday.

Tuning In: What can you expect? It’s hard to say. At press time, he’d done few interviews in anticipation of

the move. During an October appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” he said he’d talk about music, politics and his personal life. www.wncx.com

Rover’s Morning Glory
On the Dial: WQAL 92.3X

Overview: Borrowing from Howard Stern’s formula, Shane “Rover” French has a comedic sidekick (Dieter), a female voice of reason (Duji) and everyone from the phone call screener to the station’s general manager among his cast of characters. “Rover” will replace Stern in seven Midwest markets this month. Unfortunately for local fans, the promotion means the show is leaving Cleveland for Chicago (it’ll still air here on 92.3).

Tuning In: Rover helps his male listeners find dates with his weekly segment “Thursday Hook-Up,” but Dieter is behind the most outrageous moments. He’s licked a backyard bug zapper, eaten a live tarantula and been lashed with a bullwhip for the show’s weekly “Dare Dieter” segment.www.roverradio.com

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