Fan-ancial Report

Being a true Cleveland sports super fan will cost you — plenty.

Take your family of four to watch LeBron and "Z" hit the hardwood this month, for example, and you're likely to drop $230 before the final buzzer sounds. A family outing to Cleveland Browns Stadium, on the other hand, will top $280 by the end of the fourth quarter. Both figures come from a report generated by a Chicago sports marketing firm's attempts to quantify the financial impact of a day of pro sports on an American family.

Team Marketing Report created its "Fan Cost Index" by compiling the cost of four average-cost tickets, two programs, parking, two souvenir caps and refreshments (two small beers, four small soft drinks and four hot dogs). Travel, meals and accommodations weren't part of the equation. The firm also tracked the average cost of a single ticket at NFL, NHL and NBA venues across the nation.

The good news is that Cleveland falls below the national average when it comes to NFL and NBA game-day costs for a family of four. Here's how Cavs and Browns costs stack up against those of the teams' division rivals.

Average Team ticket price
Game-day costs Team Average ticket price
NFL AFC North Division


Cincinnati Bengals $52


Cleveland Browns $46


Pittsburgh Steelers $55


Baltimore Ravens $53


NFL average $55
NBA Eastern Conference, Central Division $207 Detroit Pistons $34
$231 Cleveland Cavaliers $40
$234 Milwaukee Bucks $39
$250 Indiana Pacers $42
$261 NBA average $45
$293 Chicago Bulls $51
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