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Let's face it, unless you're venturing to Florida sometime soon, there are plenty of open hours between you and your next round of golf. Cleveland-based PGA pro Jimmy Hanlin hopes you spend at least part of that time checking out his new iPhone and Android app, GolfFix.

Conceived by golf instructor Nick Paez and independent software developer Scott Singler, Hanlin says he was attracted to the idea because it provided him a way to expand his brand, which already includes three cable television shows and a radio show, while helping golfers improve their game.

"There is no greater feeling than when someone gives me positive feedback on the help I have given them," adds Hanlin, who co-owns two local courses, Little Mountain Country Club in Concord and Stonewater Golf Club in Highland Heights.

GolfFix lets users stream more than 200 videos in which Hanlin and Paez illustrate drills and teaching aids they use with their clients. Hanlin says updates to the app will include rules of the game and golf-specific workouts and stretches for players of all levels.

Priced at $1.99, the app may be the most cost-effective way to tune-up your game before spring.

"It's not just for scratch players," Hanlin says. "The goal is to provide a hands-on approach for everybody anywhere."

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