Ha-ha Kitty

A frisky Cleveland Heights tabby takes a swipe at online fame.

He doesn't run on a treadmill or claw his way up the side of a house. But Killa, a Cleveland Heights longhaired tabby cat, has earned a few moments of online notoriety for lounging on the front porch and batting at owner Joi Moss's fingers. The performance was enough to earn them a year's supply of Friskies cat food and a spot as a finalist in the brand's video competition with a $5,000 grand prize to be awarded Oct. 15. We caught up with Moss to learn about her Internet-famous feline. 

On Killa the kitten // My sister rescued him through the Animal Protective League. He was just so cute and cuddly and full of fun.

On Killa at age 11 // He is like an old man now. He's in a routine where he wants everything the same. He prefers soft food and goes outside right after.

On grumpiness // He loves to play with me, but he hates when I do the finger thing. He has that mean side. Recently he got in a fight with another cat, and we had to take him to the vet.

On being skunked // He got sprayed when I was at college last fall. My mom didn't want to bring him in because of the smell. She threw a blanket out to him and made him stay out.

On Internet cats // I do tend to look up cat videos. I love the one where the cat jumps off the building, and arguing cats, stuff like that.

On making the video // Friskies is awarding 250,000 cans of cat food to 20 charities. For each vote Killa gets, they donate an additional can of cat food.

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