Morning Glory: The Case for Cereal

My affinity for cereal is probably my most defining quality. This also explains my disappointment with the breakfast staple (or in my case, meal staple) and its absence in the restaurant industry. I know what you're thinking: Who would order cereal at a restaurant when it's just as good at home? I don't know. Why do people order salads, or buy bottled water, or pay $5 for a "walking taco" at a street fair when they have a whole bag of Fritos at home? The entire concept of restaurants is predicated on paying for something you can make yourself. Plus, Cleveland prides itself on being a foodie city, where talented chefs are consistently introducing us to dining experiences in fresh and distinctive ways. Consider how Michael Symon re-imagined the pierogi or how Matt Fish elevated the grilled cheese sandwich. So why aren't more breakfast places bringing that same craft approach to the make-your-own-cereal business? Surely a chef or two out there has enough 2-percent milk in their veins to take on the Kellogg's and General Mills factories. For a product that offers endless possibilities of flavors, combinations and presentation, too few of our breakfast establishments are stepping up to challenge the status quo. So take a chance. Upgrade my Grape-Nuts to an in-house toasted flavor explosion of almonds, granola, raisins, craisins and a vanilla/honey extract of some sort. Offer fresh fruit or a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Do cereal better than it's been done for the last thousand years. You already have your first customer.

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