Sea World

We all finally get the chance to look beneath the waves at the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium, which opened Jan. 21 in The Flats' Powerhouse building. The state's only freestanding aquarium is split into six zones, including one that highlights the fish of Ohio's lakes and rivers. Visitors can explore 40 tanks; pet stingrays, starfish and other creatures in a 7,000-gallon touch tank; and walk through a 149-foot tunnel while sharks and other fishes swim overhead. Here are some of the other numbers behind the city's newest attraction.


Pounds of salt the aquarium used to make saltwater

90 minutes

Time it takes to tour the Greater Cleveland Aquarium


Gallons of water in the entire aquarium

1,402 miles

Distance fish were shipped, by truck, from Key West, Fla.


number of Shipments to get all the fish here


Minimum number of visitors expected in the first year


Size of the aquarium, in square feet

5,000+ fish

Number housed at the aquarium


Number of sharks in the shark tank


Gallons of water in the shark tank

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