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The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's new African Elephant Crossing opens this month, offering a more natural way of life for the pachyderms that call it home.

Three years ago, Moshi, Martika and Jo left their cramped home of dirt and stone to stay in Columbus. They returned in 2010 to comfier digs, but this month the elephants and their two new roommates, Shenga and Willy, will finally get to enjoy all the amenities of their new 5-acre, $25 million dream habitat. African Elephant Crossing has two pools, a waterfall, two mammoth front yards to roam and a heated backyard. Plus, the elephants have eight humans to feed them and clean up after them. The zoo's newest attraction, which opens to the public May 5, is set to be the first and only large-scale, LEED-certified animal enclosure, allowing the world's largest land mammals to leave a pygmy-size carbon footprint. Here's a map so you can find your way around.

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