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What is Cleveland eating? Let them eat . . . pizza!

Between ribs, pizza, walleye, bratwurst and pierogis, pizza is the most frequently consumed food, with a whopping 84% of our respondents eating pizza at least once a month. Next in line? Bratwurst and kielbasi, followed closely by ribs.

The food our respondents are most likely NOT to eat? Pierogis, followed by walleye. Now, if there was a pierogi place that delivered . . .

How often do Clevelanders attend cultural events?
Once every six months is the typical reply, with 62.9% attending exhibits at a museum, 52.7% attending a dance performance and 49% taking in the Cleveland Orchestra on a semiannual basis. A surprising 38% claim they never attend Orchestra concerts, however, with almost 28% forgoing dance and 22% that never go to museum exhibits.

Getting Better All the Time

Has Northeast Ohio improved in the past 10 years?
Yes 95.6%
No 3.4%

Are you proud to be from Cleveland?
Yes 89.5%
No 6.1%

Do you agree that Cleveland is the best location in the nation?
Yes 52.4%
No 45.2%

Is there a Cleveland accent?
Yes 34.4%
No 63.3%

Is it pop or soda?
Seventy percent say pop. Only 15 percent say soda.

Do Clevelanders have an inferiority complex?
Yes 46.9%
No 51%

It's a nice place to visit, but you really should stay here . . .

Would you recommend a vacation to Northeast Ohio to out-of-towners?
Yes 83.7%
No 15.9%

Would you recommend moving to Northeast Ohio?
Yes 86.7%
No 11.9%

Pick up the July 2001 issue of Cleveland Magazine for all of the results to the "Who We Are" survey.

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