Deer Life

The recent article ("Buck Shot," September 2011) on an overabundance of urban deer, which is a nationwide problem with the same concerns and the same fallacious answers, held only two points of truth. One, that man made the problem and man must fix it. Two, that rhetoric and stances become heated and immovable. The answers are simple. Stop providing the deer the food and cover they enjoy in urban areas. Two, prohibit hunter-controlled agencies from practicing game management.

David Kveragas

clarks summit, pa.

Erie Insurance company was one of the few companies to actually study car-deer collisions and found that hunting exacerbated their occurences. Why do folks only look at the results and not causes? Take the time to realize that whatever damage you feel you are suffering as a result of deer is a man-made problem. The spike in deer population is caused by the game agents who help increase populations for hunting. Cut out hunting and your problem will disappear.


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Name Game

I was surprised and disappointed to find letters by "anonymous" in the Comment section of the September issue. Such letters are as interesting as heavy-breathing phone calls and just as courageous. The all-too-loose Web should not set the standard for print. Please, no more.

Mel Maurer


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